Who Are We?

We’re a small local company located in Cashel, Co. Tipperary. Our aim is to bring reliable broadband services to rural communities around Tipperary and beyond.

How does Choice Rural Broadband work?

We provide Fixed Wireless Broadband. This is different to, for example, 3G, 4G or satellite. With Fixed Wireless Broadband, you can expect a much lower ping and greater reliability than other wireless solutions. We rely on Line-of-Sight connections to our access points to bring you service.

What equipment will I need to receive broadband?

On the day of installation,  we will have to install a CPE (customer premises equipment) unit on your house. This is essentially a small antenna which will bring signal to your home/office. A cable is then run down from this antenna to your WiFi router, which spreads the signal in your house.

How much does installation cost?

All Home Internet packages are subject to a €150 installation fee. Or there are other payment options.There is no hidden cost and all fees you can find under the Home, Business, VoIP Services Page 

How long does installation take?

An installation may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. An average installation is roughly 45-60 minutes.

If my premises is on the coverage map, am I guaranteed to get signal?

The coverage map is only a rough estimation of our coverage. Obstacles such as trees or hills may block the signal. Please contact us to discuss coverage in your area and book a site survey. (contact information)

Does weather effect our service?

No. Weather conditions shouldn’t effect your service.

Am I guaranteed to get WiFi signal everywhere in the house/premises?

We cannot guarantee good WiFi signal in every part of the house. Signal may be dropped due to building materials, size of premises etc. Full speeds will only be achieved through an Ethernet cable.

If you are having problems with WiFi coverage in your premises, we can install a wireless extender to boost coverage. This is subject to an installation fee of €50 per extender.

Is there a Fair Usage Policy/Allowance?

There is a Fair Usage Policy that applies to all packages. This is to ensure that the network is well accessible by everyone using the service. Refer to Terms & Conditions.

Is there a Line Rental fee?

As our service is based on Fixed Wireless Broadband, there are no line rental fees.

Do I have to sign up for a contract?

No, there are no contracts with us. Simply pay for every month you use.

When is the Direct Debit taken off my account?

Direct Debits come through on the 15th of every month.

How can I pay for my installation fee?

The installation fee of €150 must be paid by cash or cheque on the day of installation.

What makes you different from other providers?

Here at Choice Rural Broadband, we try to focus on the quality of our network for all of our customers. We do this by keeping in line with our contention ratio to provide you with a reliable service at any time of the day.

There will be no hidden surprises when you receive your bill. You will pay the same price every month, no matter what.

Email isn't working properly after getting broadband

Your email client settings (Outlook etc.) may have to be changed in order to get email to work properly. Use the following settings:
Incoming server: same as before.
Outgoing server: smtp.choicerb.ie OR

Speedtest isn't showing full speed

When testing your connection speed, please ensure that you are using a laptop/PC connected to the router by an ethernet cable. A speedtest done using WiFi through your phone, laptop, tablet etc. will not show the full speed of your connection.

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